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Collections Platforms

READ Workbench: a SaaS portal which supports the integration and management of researchers, resources, tools and processes in the collaborative development of textual corpora.  Developed by Prakaś. Yang Li, Stephanie Majcher, Ian McCrabb.

READ: an open source environment for epigraphic and manuscript research which supports the transcription, research, understanding, analysis and publishing of scholarly editions and studies.  Developed in consortium by LMU-Munich, Prakaś, University of Lausanne, University of Sydney and University of Washington-Seattle. Stefan Baums, Andrew Glass, Ian McCrabb, Andrea Schlosser, Stephen White.

IndraNetwork: a WordPress plugin for the publishing of catalogues and collections of digital scholarly editions of manuscripts and inscriptions.  Developed by Prakaś, University of Sydney and Australian National University. Mark Allon, Jason Dunbar, Yang Li, Joe Marino, Stephanie Majcher, Ian McCrabb.