NV01 hṛdaya tohara jāni nahi bhelā

Folio 1a, line 1

Content Summary

This pada is in the voice of the dūtī, a female go-between who arranged a romantic encounter between the hero (nāyaka) and the poetic heroine (nāyikā). Here, she expresses her regret to the hero, Mādhava (erstwhile Kṛṣṇa) in arranging their encounter. She notes the visible signs of their sexual encounter upon the heroine’s body and her behaviour. She is worried about her own reputation in the village/household of the young woman for arranging this illicit affair.


  • Skt.  Rāmbhadrapur Ms. – pada 40 (BRBP ed., Vol II, 1967 14-15- Rāmbhadrapur Pada 12)
  • Skt.  *Gupta Tālapatra – pada 182

Previous Editions

  • Mitra & Majumdar 1952: 199 – pada 293
  • Subhadra Jha 1954: 3-4 – pada 1


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