The Nepal Manuscript

According to Maithili linguist Subhadra Jha, this manuscript probably dates from the first half of the sixteenth century, though no date, location, or name of a patron or scribe is included in the text itself (Jha 1954: 123). I am inclined to date this manuscript a century later to the seventeenth century because of similarities with another manuscript of Vidyāpati’s Sanskrit devotional text, the Gaṅgāvākyāvalī, which has been deposited in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. This manuscript is remarkably similar in style and presentation. Both the NM and Gaṅgāvākyāvalī manuscripts are in the palm-leaf style and of roughly the same dimensions. The scribe’s hand of both manuscripts is not identical but feature many of the same general stylings as to be ascribed to the same period.